License EmendoBio’s gene editing technology through Anocca for groundbreaking advances

March 15, 2024
1 min read

Article Summary


  • Anocca has signed a licensing deal with EmendoBio for their gene-editing technology.
  • The agreement aims to accelerate the development of TCR-T cell therapies for solid cancers.

Anocca, a Swedish biotech company, has entered a non-exclusive licensing agreement with EmendoBio to leverage the OMNI-A4 nuclease gene editing technology for developing TCR-T cell therapies targeting hard-to-treat solid cancers. The technology is set to enhance Anocca’s manufacturing capabilities and speed up the delivery of customized therapies for patients with genetic-based cancer types.

The collaboration comes after Anocca received regulatory approvals for its cell therapy production facility in Sweden. By integrating EmendoBio’s gene editing system into their manufacturing process, Anocca aims to scale up the production of TCR-T products efficiently and with precision.

EmendoBio’s director, Dr. Ei Yamada, highlighted the importance of the partnership in advancing T cell therapy and improving patient outcomes. The licensing agreement signifies a significant milestone in the field of gene editing technologies, pushing the boundaries of therapeutic development in advanced medicine.

Additionally, Anocca had secured a substantial equity funding round in 2023 to drive the development of next-generation cell therapies for cancer on an industrial scale. The partnership with EmendoBio is expected to further bolster Anocca’s capabilities in the cell and gene therapy space, unlocking new avenues for therapeutic innovation.

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