Unlock the CBS 2 Vault: Walter Jacobson demystifies chroma key tech.

March 16, 2024
1 min read


  • Walter Jacobson explains chroma key technology in a 1978 Channel 2 News clip.
  • Chroma key technology, also known as green screen, allows for special effects in television.

In a vintage Channel 2 News clip from 1978, Walter Jacobson discusses the intricacies of chroma key technology, also known as green screen. This technology revolutionized television by allowing for special effects and seamless integration of different backgrounds. Jacobson explains how the green screen works by replacing a solid color background with a different image or video. This technology meant that Jacobson could no longer wear his favorite tie on the air, as the green color would clash with the background.

Chroma key technology has become a staple in modern television production, allowing for captivating visual effects and immersive storytelling. Understanding the history and evolution of this technology provides valuable insight into the advancements of television broadcasting. The clip serves as a reminder of the innovative strides made in the industry and the ongoing quest for creativity and excellence in television production.

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