Top and Flop States for Tech Jobs

February 26, 2024
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  • Washington, D.C. ranks as the top hub for tech careers, while Louisiana is ranked as the worst state for tech.
  • California pays the highest tech wages in the U.S., with computer and IT workers earning $143,670 per year on average.

In a recent article by Forbes Advisor, the best and worst states for technology careers were examined. While California is often thought of as the tech hub due to Silicon Valley, it didn’t even make it into the top three states for tech careers. Washington, D.C. was ranked as the best place for pursuing a tech career, with a mean annual salary of $119,610 and a high concentration of tech workforce. On the other hand, Louisiana was ranked as the worst state for tech jobs, with tech workers earning mean annual salaries of $75,840.

The article highlighted the growth and potential of careers in technology, with 92% of jobs requiring digital skills and nearly half of tech professionals working remotely. The field is expected to grow rapidly compared to all U.S. occupations, with about 377,500 new technology jobs opening each year between 2022 and 2032. The mean national wage for computer and mathematical occupations is $108,130, with some states offering even higher wages for tech workers.

The article also delved into the states where tech workers earn the most money, with California leading the list with an average annual salary of $143,670. It also looked at the states with the highest rates of female employment in tech, with Alaska having the largest portion of female workers in computer and mathematics occupations at 37%, while Utah employs the smallest portion of female workers at 18.8%.

Overall, the article provided insight into the best and worst states for tech careers, shedding light on the opportunities and challenges in the tech industry across different regions of the United States.

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