Imaginary Pictures brings hologram tech to life with holoportation.

February 27, 2024
1 min read


Key Points:

  • Imaginary Pictures has launched a holoportation service called Proto Epic and Proto M.
  • The technology allows for high-quality 3D models to be transmitted in real time.

Imaginary Pictures, a visual effects company, has introduced holoportation technology developed by Los Angeles company Proto. This technology, known as Proto Epic and Proto M, allows for the transmission of high-quality 3D models in real time. Based in London and Manchester, Imaginary Pictures offers end-to-end services for capturing and broadcasting holograms. The holograms can be displayed in full-sized or desktop-sized boxes and have been utilized for live broadcasts, including a demonstration of global connectivity using 5G and an art auction broadcast to Saudi Arabia. The technology bridges the gap between physical and virtual, creating a more lifelike and interactive experience for users.

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