Intel vPro technology arrives on Core Ultra 100 ‘Meteor Lake’.

February 28, 2024
1 min read


  • Intel is bringing vPro technology to its new Core Ultra 100 “Meteor Lake” CPU family for business laptops.
  • The vPro technology will not be available on the Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs.

Intel has announced its new Core Ultra 100 “Meteor Lake” CPU family will feature vPro technology for a new series of business laptops. The vPro feature set is split into Enterprise and Essential tiers, and will be exclusively available on the Meteor Lake processors. Customers looking for vPro technology are recommended to choose laptops powered by the new Meteor Lake processors, as the recent Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs do not support vPro. This move by Intel demonstrates a shift towards using vPro technology in its mobile-focused chips, with plans to eventually include the feature in its 14th Gen Core CPUs. The company is focusing on integrating vPro technology with AI to enhance everyday experiences such as group collaboration, productivity, security, content creation, and accessibility. Intel has announced over 100 designs featuring vPro technology and Meteor Lake processors for enterprises and businesses, positioning itself against competitors like AMD. Desktop processors will also see the integration of vPro technologies in specific SKUs. Intel’s future releases are expected to showcase further advancements in vPro technology across mobile and desktop CPUs.

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