Leonardo bringing Counter-Drone tech to Canadian Armed Forces.

February 28, 2024
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  • Leonardo awarded contract to provide Falcon Shield C-UAS system to Canadian Armed Forces
  • Falcon Shield detects, tracks, and neutralizes threats from small drones

Leonardo has been awarded a contract by Public Services and Procurement Canada to equip the Canadian Armed Forces with its Falcon Shield C-UAS system. This system, which will be delivered later this year, is designed to detect, track, and neutralize threats from small drones that are usually undetectable by conventional air surveillance equipment. Leonardo continues to update Falcon Shield to ensure it remains cutting-edge in a rapidly evolving security landscape. The company has also worked with the UK Royal Air Force and the US Armed Forces on counter-drone research and development.

Leonardo’s Falcon Shield system will be operated at Canada’s ‘Counter Uncrewed Aerial Systems Sandbox 2024′ exercise in June, where it will counter drones flown by the Canadian Armed Forces’ ‘red team’ operators. This system has already been proven in the UK, where it was deployed at airports following suspected drone sightings, and widely trusted by close allies for operations. Leonardo’s ongoing collaboration with the US includes integrating the US Air Force Research Laboratory’s NINJA technology into the RAF’s ORCUS system to detect and mitigate small drone platforms.

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