QIA debuts Technology Forum at Mobile World Congress 2024.

February 28, 2024
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QIA Technology Forum Launch


  • The Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) launched the world’s first global quantum internet technology forum at The Mobile World Congress 2024.
  • The QIA Technology Forum (QIATF) aims to connect and expand collaboration across industry, academia, and ecosystem partners to accelerate quantum internet development.

In a press release at The Mobile World Congress 2024, the Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) officially announced the launch of the QIA Technology Forum (QIATF). The forum’s goal is to enhance engagement on quantum internet with a variety of stakeholders and facilitate the transition from research to engineering products in the field of quantum internet. Prof. Dr. Stephanie Wehner, QIA Director, emphasized the importance of understanding the potential of quantum internet for future users and market needs.

The QIATF is an open forum welcoming industry, academia, and ecosystem partners interested in quantum internet technology development. Membership in the forum is organized into three levels of engagement: Core Member, Adopter Member, and Associate Member. Additionally, technical work will be conducted through Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to bridge the gap between industry players and QIA members.

Two initial SIGs will focus on interactions with network operators and space/terrestrial interfaces for quantum internet, with Telecom Italia and Thales Alenia Space leading the respective SIGs. The QIATF aims to grow exponentially over the next few years and provide a platform for technical exchange in the quantum internet field.

With members in nine countries across Europe, the QIATF invites interested organizations to participate in shaping the future of quantum internet technology. To learn more about QIA and QIATF, visit their website.

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