UK pumps £21m into seven innovative hydrogen projects.

February 28, 2024
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  • The UK Government is investing £21m in seven hydrogen projects to ramp up production of the fuel for net-zero targets.
  • Most projects will produce blue hydrogen, with plans for new hydrogen production plants across various sectors.

The UK Government has announced a further investment of £21m into seven hydrogen projects across the country to accelerate the production of the fuel in line with net-zero targets. The majority of the selected projects will focus on producing blue hydrogen, which is extracted from natural gas with carbon capture to reduce emissions. Four of the projects will develop plans for new hydrogen production plants to supply fuel to industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to automotive.

Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance Martin Callanan emphasized the importance of hydrogen in decarbonizing businesses and transportation as the UK strives to achieve its net-zero goals. The government’s commitment to supporting the growing hydrogen industry is evident in its investments, including the recent announcement of over £2bn for 11 green hydrogen production projects.

While the UK’s focus on blue hydrogen has sparked criticism from environmental campaigners, the government has already backed plans for major hydrogen plants, including the first industrial-scale plant at the Stanlow oil refinery. Additional projects like Equinor’s H2H Saltend project in Yorkshire aim to produce blue hydrogen despite concerns about its environmental impact compared to green hydrogen produced through renewable sources.

The latest funding for hydrogen projects builds upon previous government support for the industry, showcasing the UK’s commitment to expanding its hydrogen capabilities. As the country looks towards a future of sustainable energy, investments in hydrogen production play a crucial role in achieving net-zero emissions.

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