Freudenberg Sealing Tech boosts production for Electric Vehicle safety parts.

February 29, 2024
1 min read


  • Freudenberg Sealing Technology is increasing production of pressure compensation elements for EV battery safety.
  • The DIAvent HighFlow elements offer innovative technology, cost-effective solutions, and meet the escalating demand for EV components.

Freudenberg Sealing Technology is ramping up production of pressure compensation elements for electric vehicle (EV) battery safety. These DIAvent HighFlow elements integrate pressure equalization and emergency degassing into a single unit, offering a spectrum of solutions from basic ventilation to high-flow components. The high-flow variant sets itself apart with bi-directional pressure compensation and emergency degassing capabilities, all in a smaller and lighter package compared to traditional parts.

This strategic move by FST comes in response to increased orders from Asian and US automotive groups, highlighting the growing prominence of EVs in the automotive industry. By focusing on enhancing safety, reducing space requirements, and providing cost-effective and innovative solutions, Freudenberg Sealing Technology is poised to meet the evolving needs of the electric vehicle technology landscape.

As the automotive industry shifts towards sustainability and electric mobility, companies like FST play a pivotal role in advancing safety and efficiency in EV components. The proactive approach to scaling up production of pressure compensation elements demonstrates an understanding of market trends and the increasing reliance on electric vehicles. The DIAvent HighFlow elements not only showcase technical innovation but also illustrate the industry’s responsiveness to the changing automotive landscape.

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