US investigates Chinese smart cars and auto tech for security risks.

February 29, 2024
1 min read


  • The US is investigating national security risks associated with smart vehicles made with Chinese technology.
  • The Biden administration is considering regulations to address these risks and reduce reliance on Chinese suppliers.

The US government has opened a probe into national security concerns related to smart vehicles using Chinese technology. President Biden has directed the Secretary of Commerce to investigate connected vehicles with technology from countries of concern, with China being a primary focus. The government is concerned that these vehicles could collect sensitive data about Americans and pose risks to national security. Incentives are being offered to US automakers to reduce reliance on Chinese suppliers, particularly in the electric vehicle market. While the US currently imports a small number of cars from China, Chinese automakers are increasing their exports. The investigation comes amidst growing concern over China’s role in the global auto industry and the potential risks it poses to the US market.

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