Biden fears Chinese cars could spy on Americans.

March 1, 2024
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  • The Biden Administration is investigating foreign technology risks in American cars, focusing on automakers from “countries of concern” like China.
  • President Biden is concerned that China could use cars to spy on Americans and remotely disable car functions.

The Biden administration has announced an investigation into the potential risks posed by foreign technology in American cars, with a specific focus on automakers from countries like China. President Biden expressed concerns about the possibility of China using connected vehicles to collect sensitive data about US citizens and infrastructure, emphasizing the need to protect national security. The investigation, led by the Secretary of Commerce, aims to assess these risks and take appropriate action if necessary.

One Chinese automaker that has gained global dominance, especially in the electric vehicle market, is BYD. Despite surpassing Tesla as the world’s largest EV seller, BYD has denied plans for US expansion. The administration is taking proactive measures to address potential security threats, as Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo highlighted the risk of foreign adversaries having access to critical information that could compromise national security and privacy.

While China’s success in the EV market continues to grow, US sales in this sector are declining. The investigation is seen as a preemptive step to mitigate any threats posed by Chinese-manufactured vehicles becoming widespread in the US. The administration is closely monitoring the situation in an effort to safeguard national security interests and protect the privacy of American citizens.

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