Hybrid Workplace 2024: AV Tech Manager’s Ultimate Guide

March 1, 2024
1 min read


  • AV Technology Manager’s Guide to Hybrid Workplace 2024
  • Learn about trends and technologies in the workplace culture, space planning, and AV technologies

Article Summary:

The AV Technology Manager’s Guide to Hybrid Workplace 2024 provides insights from 42 AV/IT Thought Leaders on the trends shaping the future of workspaces. The article highlights the importance of an employee-centered approach to collaboration technology and the role of comprehensive sound masking in enhancing tenant satisfaction and retention in shared workplace franchises. Additionally, the guide features 8 case studies showcasing how universities are refreshing their hybrid learning strategies, the power of remote production, and the impact of LED video walls in corporate headquarters. The article also presents 34 products that facilitate hybrid work and announces the Best of Show Awards from ISE 2024. Overall, the guide serves as a comprehensive resource for AV technology managers and directors navigating the evolving landscape of hybrid work environments.

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