Get ready for action: HOLO, CXAI, BMR, CISO, SURGW

March 13, 2024
1 min read


Key points from the article:

  • MicroCloud Hologram Inc (HOLO) stock is up by 42.45%.
  • Luna Innovations Inc (LUNA) stock is down by 39.62%.
  • Ciso Global Inc (CISO) stock is up by 25% with a bullish sentiment score.
  • SurgePays (SURGW) stock is down by 51.98%.

Technology stocks have shown various movements in the market with some experiencing significant gains and losses. MicroCloud Hologram Inc (HOLO) saw a notable increase of 42.45%, while Luna Innovations Inc (LUNA) experienced a significant decline of 39.62%. Ciso Global Inc (CISO) had a positive movement with a 25% increase and a bullish sentiment score. On the other hand, SurgePays (SURGW) faced a considerable drop of 51.98%.

Investors are advised to stay informed about the market and analyze the performances of individual stocks within the technology sector to make informed investment decisions.

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