Leveraging tech to enhance the lives of Parkinson’s patients.

March 14, 2024
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Using Technology to Improve Quality of Life for People with Parkinson’s Disease

TLDR: Key Points

  • Charco Neurotech CEO Lucy Jung co-founded the company after her own experience as a patient with Parkinson’s disease.
  • Charco’s CUE1 device, launched in 2021, uses vibrations to help manage symptoms and has shown positive feedback from users.

How can innovative technology help people with Parkinson’s to better manage their symptoms? Charco Neurotech CEO Lucy Jung, movement disorder specialist Dr Alistair Mackett, and Elaine Payne, who lives with the condition, share their perspectives on how the company’s CUE1 device is helping support those in the community.

Lucy Jung’s personal experience with a benign brain tumor led to the founding of Charco Neurotech in 2019, focusing on creating non-invasive technology to improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s. The company’s central focus is the CUE1 device, a wearable medical device that uses vibrations to alleviate symptoms.

The device has proven to be effective in managing symptoms such as freezing of gait and slowness, with over 3,000 users benefiting from its use. The low-risk nature of the device has drawn interest from movement disorder specialists like Dr Alistair Mackett who see it as a valuable addition to existing treatment options without side effects.

Elaine Payne, who runs a local support group for people with Parkinson’s, shared her positive experience with the CUE1 device, highlighting improvements in movements, posture, and quality of life. Charco’s commitment to personalized care is evident as they continue to research and optimize the device for different stages of the condition.

Looking ahead, the team at Charco aims to expand their support for people with Parkinson’s through innovative technology and patient-centric approaches to improve overall quality of life.

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