Northeastern grad blends art and tech at innovative Dubai gallery.

March 14, 2024
1 min read

Art and Technology Merge in New Dubai Gallery


  • Former Northeastern grad Clemence Cazeau opens innovative art gallery in Dubai combining art and technology.
  • 37xDubai offers interactive digital installations, free access to the public, and rotating exhibits every two to three months.

Clemence Cazeau, a Northeastern University graduate, has merged art and technology in a groundbreaking new gallery in Dubai called 37xDubai. The gallery features traditional artwork alongside interactive digital installations, such as a changing screen and generative art exhibit. Cazeau’s background as a co-op at Christie’s Dubai and experience with Leila Heller Gallery in the UAE led her to become the CEO of 37xDubai.

37xDubai officially opened in October, drawing visitors from around the world. The gallery is free to the public but also offers a membership program. With a focus on technology and artificial intelligence, 37xDubai aims to bridge the gap between art and technology in a disruptive way within the art sector.

This unique approach to art and technology has garnered attention from art enthusiasts and tech industry professionals alike, establishing 37xDubai as a must-visit destination for those looking to experience cutting-edge creativity in the heart of Dubai.

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