Salesforce co-founder says city of San Francisco needs their investment.

March 14, 2024
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  • Parker Harris, co-founder of Salesforce, believes the company has a duty to invest in San Francisco.
  • He highlights the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in transforming the company’s future.


In a recent interview at Salesforce Tower marking the company’s 25th anniversary, Parker Harris discussed the origins of Salesforce and the importance of San Francisco in its development. Harris shared his excitement about the potential of AI to revolutionize the company and its business in the future.

When asked about the company’s early days, Harris admitted that they had big ambitions but never imagined the level of success Salesforce would achieve. He emphasized the role of San Francisco in shaping Salesforce’s values and culture, noting that being based in the city influenced the company’s direction and development.

Harris also discussed the importance of investing in San Francisco as the largest private employer and highlighted the talent war in the tech industry. He expressed confidence in finding talent not only in San Francisco but also in other regions across the world.

Looking ahead, Harris emphasized the significance of AI in the company’s future. He compared the excitement he felt when starting the company to the energy surrounding AI advancements. Harris acknowledged the potential of AI to transform their services dramatically and the need for continuous innovation to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

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