Who’s embracing grocery tech?

March 14, 2024
1 min read


  • A third of shoppers order groceries online weekly, and 57% use digital tools to plan trips
  • Gen Zers are more likely to use shopping apps in-store compared to older shoppers

A new study by Acosta reveals that grocery technology is being increasingly used by consumers, with a significant portion of shoppers ordering groceries online and utilizing digital tools for trip planning. While there is a gap between age groups in technology utilization, there are opportunities for grocers to improve engagement. Millennials and households with kids are the most comfortable with technology, and smart carts are expected to become more prevalent in grocery stores. Despite the rise of online shopping, many shoppers still prefer in-store experiences, which are being enhanced by technology to provide a faster and more efficient trip. The future of grocery technology includes AI-powered smart carts and personalized recommendations to enhance the shopping experience.

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