Zodia Custody merges with Digital Prime Technologies’ Tokenet platform.

March 14, 2024
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Zodia Custody has integrated Tokenet from Digital Prime Technologies to launch Collateral Protect, allowing institutions to borrow and lend digital assets while keeping their collateral safe in Zodia’s cold-storage wallets. The service includes a segregated collateral account, minimised counterparty risk, liquidation risk management, and wallet delegation control.

Key Points:

  • Zodia Custody integrates Tokenet from Digital Prime Technologies to launch Collateral Protect for borrowing and lending digital assets.
  • The service includes features such as segregated collateral accounts, minimised counterparty risk, liquidation risk management, and wallet delegation control.

Zodia Custody, a digital asset custodian, has partnered with Digital Prime Technologies to introduce Collateral Protect through Tokenet. This new service enables institutions to engage in borrowing and lending digital assets on Tokenet while ensuring the security of their collateral in Zodia Custody’s cold-storage wallets. The collateral is managed through a segregated, on-chain account with added security layers provided by Zodia. The firm claims that this setup protects both the borrower and secured party interests through collateral schedule setup and continuous monitoring via Tokenet.

James Harris, Zodia Custody’s chief commercial officer, mentioned that this integration allows institutions to participate in digital asset borrowing and lending under strict security and compliance protocols. The platform offers enhanced features to ensure collateral protection and smooth operations in the digital finance space.

James Runnels, CEO and co-founder of Digital Prime Technologies, emphasized the product’s transparency in digital asset lending, aligning with the firm’s mission to deliver a secure and efficient solution for institutions.

The collaboration aims to provide a safe environment for institutions to navigate the digital borrowing and lending market, leveraging the security measures and technological advancements introduced by Zodia Custody and Digital Prime Technologies. The focus remains on maintaining a transparent and compliant platform for all participants involved in digital asset transactions.

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