Co-CIO Greg Jensen: Navigating Risks Awaiting Us

January 26, 2024
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  • Co-CIO Greg Jensen joins a panel of industry leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss current conditions and risks in financial markets.
  • Jensen highlights the vulnerabilities ahead, including geopolitical tensions, inflation risks, and central bank policy changes.

Co-Chief Investment Officer (Co-CIO) Greg Jensen recently participated in a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where he shared his views on the current state of financial markets and the potential risks that lie ahead. Jensen highlighted several vulnerabilities that investors should be aware of:

1. Geopolitical tensions: Jensen emphasized the importance of monitoring geopolitical developments, particularly the ongoing tensions between major global powers. He noted that geopolitical risks, such as trade disputes or conflicts, can have a significant impact on market sentiment and investor behavior.

2. Inflation risks: Jensen also warned about the potential for rising inflation in the coming months. He mentioned that the unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus measures implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic could lead to an increase in prices, which could have implications for asset values and policy decisions.

3. Central bank policy changes: According to Jensen, changes in central bank policies could create volatility in financial markets. He explained that as economies recover from the pandemic and central banks begin to withdraw stimulus measures, investors may need to navigate a more challenging environment.

While discussing these vulnerabilities, Jensen also highlighted the importance of diversification and risk management strategies. He emphasized the need for investors to carefully assess their portfolios and consider different scenarios to ensure they are well-positioned for potential market turbulence.

In addition to the vulnerabilities, Jensen acknowledged the positive developments in the global economy, such as the successful rollout of COVID-19 vaccines and the potential for strong economic growth in certain sectors. However, he emphasized the need for caution and prudent risk management amid the uncertainties.

Jensen’s insights and analysis provided valuable perspective for investors attending the World Economic Forum, helping them navigate the complex and dynamic landscape of global financial markets. Overall, his message emphasized the importance of vigilance and adaptability in the face of potential risks and opportunities.

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