Top tech for advisors highlighted in T3 report – get it

January 26, 2024
1 min read

According to a recent report by Technology Tools for Today (T3), Redtail CRM is the dominant program in the CRM category for financial advisors, with over 45% market share. MoneyGuidePro Elite leads in the financial planning software category, while Zoom is the most widely used video conferencing platform.

The report also highlights a growing trend among advisors to adopt estate planning solutions in anticipation of potential changes to the estate tax exemption. Additionally, tax planning products and retirement distribution planning products are gaining market share due to the increasing retirements of baby boomers.

On the other hand, marketing-related categories such as content and lead capture received lower ratings in the report. The authors speculate that advisors may have high expectations for these solutions without recognizing their limitations.

Moreover, the report emphasizes the importance of considering the people behind the technology, as they play a crucial role in building partnerships and integrating solutions effectively.

Overall, the report provides a comprehensive snapshot of the evolving fintech landscape for advisors and aims to increase awareness of the available options.

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