Experience lightning-fast speeds with Optical PCIe 6.0 at 64 GT/s.

January 31, 2024
1 min read

TLDR: Nubis Communications and Alphawave Semi have demonstrated optical PCIe 6.0 technology at DesignCon. The companies showcased a PCIe 6.0 optical link operating at 64 GT/s per lane, driven by an Alphawave Semi PCIe Subsystem and received by a Nubis XT1600 optical engine. Optical transmission technology can extend link distances compared to copper cables, making it suitable for larger cluster sizes and enabling new network architectures. The Nubis XT1600 optical engine supports up to 16 lanes of high-density PCIe Gen 6.0 or 100 Gbps/lane Ethernet optical connectivity without retimers.

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