The Download: Babies rock AI mRNA vaccines rock too

February 2, 2024
1 min read

TLDR: Babies can teach AI and new mRNA vaccines are on the horizon.

– Researchers at New York University have trained an AI model using the sights and sounds experienced by a single child learning to talk. The study provides insights into how babies learn and could lead to improved AI models.

– Japan has recently approved a new mRNA vaccine for COVID-19. This vaccine is self-amplifying, meaning it tells the body how to make more mRNA. Self-amplifying vaccines offer advantages such as lower doses and potentially more durable immune responses.

Other notable stories:

– Universal Music Group has pulled its artists’ music from TikTok, claiming the platform is unwilling to compensate musicians appropriately.

– Los Angeles has criminalized digital discrimination, prohibiting internet providers from withholding deals from marginalized neighborhoods.

– Big Tech’s cloud services are generating significant revenue, but concrete use cases for AI models are still needed.

– Amazon has released an AI shopping bot called Rufus, designed to steer users towards buying more products from the platform.

– Google DeepMind has developed an AI tool that helped create over 700 new materials.

These are just a few of the many stories in today’s edition of The Download. Other topics covered include AI-generated art, the impact of digital technology on music ownership, and the role of the Apple Watch in daily life.

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