Investment Matters: Net Lease meets Tech Innovation.

February 10, 2024
1 min read


  • Camille Renshaw, co-founder & CEO of B+E, discusses her journey from technology entrepreneur to commercial real estate owner and innovator.
  • Renshaw’s contributions to net lease investment and 1031 exchanges have earned her recognition in the industry.
  • She emphasizes the importance of technology in commercial real estate and shares her thoughts on 1031 exchange trends, debt markets, and family office strategies.

Camille Renshaw, co-founder & CEO of B+E, started her career as a technology entrepreneur before transitioning to commercial real estate. She initially invested in commercial real estate assets to become a better owner, but soon developed a passion for the industry itself. With experience working for top brokerage firms, Renshaw co-founded B+E in 2017 and has since made significant contributions to net lease investment and 1031 exchanges.

One of Renshaw’s key contributions has been bringing technology to the commercial real estate industry. Despite skepticism from others in the industry, Renshaw recognized the importance of technology and has been recognized for her achievements in this area. In 2020, she was named both CPE’s Innovator of the Year and Net Lease Executive of the Year.

In her interview, Renshaw discusses several key topics in commercial real estate. She highlights the top trends in 1031 exchanges and the importance of generational wealth strategies. Renshaw also shares insights on debt markets and net lease investments, as well as the strategies employed by family offices. Additionally, she discusses an overlooked issue in securing debt and identifies areas where 1031 exchange activity is high.

Renshaw also talks about the potential for sale-leasebacks in the current market and shares her experience of catching the brokerage bug. She emphasizes the importance of brokers embracing technology and discusses the launch of her own platform. Finally, Renshaw gives her report card on the state of technology in the commercial real estate industry.

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