Chicago ditches controversial gunshot detection tech, done in style this year.

February 13, 2024
1 min read

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson announced on Tuesday that the city will not be renewing its contract with SoundThinking, the company behind the controversial gunshot detection system ShotSpotter. The technology, which uses AI algorithms and a network of microphones to identify gunshots, has been criticized for its inaccuracy, racial bias, and misuse by law enforcement. The city’s $49 million contract is set to expire on Friday, and the use of ShotSpotter technology will be phased out by late September. During this interim period, law enforcement and community safety groups will assess alternative tools and programs. Mayor Johnson campaigned on a promise to end the use of ShotSpotter and has said that the city will focus on more effective strategies for reducing violent crime. Community public safety groups have argued that the technology disproportionately affects Black and Latino neighborhoods. Other cities, including Charlotte and San Antonio, have already chosen to end their contracts with ShotSpotter due to issues with accuracy.

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