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February 20, 2024
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Gen AI tools are transforming the workplace but lack of guidance is creating risks for organizations and dividing employees. Research by Veritas Technologies and IDC highlights the impact and concerns surrounding the use of generative AI tools in the workplace.

Gen AI tools are transforming the workplace by offering tangible business impacts for organizations.

Veritas: How Gen AI Tools are Transforming the Workplace

Confusion over generative AI (Gen AI) in the workplace is simultaneously creating a divide between employees while also putting organizations at risk, according to new research from Veritas Technologies.

The research found that for every $1 a company invests in AI, it is realizing an average of $3.5X in returns. However, concerns over data security and privacy are leading to bans on ChatGPT and other generative AI tools in the workplace.

Almost half of UK office workers are using Gen AI tools at least once a week, with concerns rising over the inputting of sensitive information into public Gen AI tools.

Employees are frustrated by the lack of guidance on the use of generative AI tools in the workplace, with many calling for guidelines or mandatory policies from employers. Businesses that fail to provide guidance risk security violations and missing out on the potential value that AI technology could bring to the workplace.

The research found that a significant number of office workers are using AI for research, emails, and report writing, but the use of generative AI is leading to divisions between coworkers.

Veritas Technologies emphasizes the importance of developing and communicating clear guidelines and policies on the appropriate use of generative AI tools to ensure organizations can enjoy the benefits without increasing risk.

Source: Technology Magazine

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