Watch out for Putin – America’s tech is at risk

February 21, 2024
1 min read


Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons in space endangers some of America’s most important technology, including the missile early warning system (SBIRS), the Global Positioning System (GPS), and the X-37 spaceplane.

Article Summary:

In a highly secret briefing, leaders in Congress were briefed on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plan to develop a nuclear anti-satellite weapon. This weapon could potentially cause extensive damage to America’s technology in space.

Some key points highlighted in the article include:

  • In the past, a nuclear test in space by the U.S. had significant repercussions, leading to concerns about the potential damage a similar test by Putin could cause.
  • Possible targets for Putin’s weapon include the SBIRS missile warning system, the GPS technology that powers many aspects of daily life and the economy, and the X-37 spaceplane.
  • The use of a space nuclear weapon could have political implications, such as rattling the U.S. and impressing China, Putin’s ally.

The United States Space Force is working on developing a new, less vulnerable architecture for its satellites to mitigate the threat posed by Russian and potentially Chinese anti-satellite capabilities.

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