Cutting-edge robotic sorters with AI launched at Fresno recycling center.

February 24, 2024
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Robotic Sorters With AI Technology Deployed in Fresno Recycling Center | Plastics Technology


  • Caglia Environmental in Fresno implemented robotic sorters with RecycleOS technology from Everest Labs funded by The Recycling Partnership’s PET Recycling Coalition.
  • The system can separate PET plastics into three specialized streams, improving efficiency and ensuring purity of recycled materials.

Article Summary:

Caglia Environmental, based in Fresno, California, upgraded its recycling technology at the Cedar Avenue Recycling and Transfer Station (CARTS) with funding from The Recycling Partnership’s PET Recycling Coalition. This upgrade involved the installation of robotic sorters using RecycleOS technology from Everest Labs. The new system is designed to separate PET plastics into three specialized streams, including PET bottles, thermoformed packaging, and pigmented/opaque PET. This unique process aims to improve the efficiency and output quality of recycled materials.

The system’s ability to sort clear PET bottles, thermoformed products, and pigmented/opaque PET into separate streams is expected to enhance the value and sustainability of the recycled materials. This retrofit marks the first time a material recovery facility (MRF) has targeted these three product types as separate commodities consistently, setting a new standard for future MRFs. JD Ambati, the founder and CEO of EverestLabs, highlighted the positive impact of RecycleOS-powered robotics and data on Caglia Environmental’s recycling operations, particularly on their Last-Chance line.


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